The Vital Connection (Part 1 in 3-part Series)

A Video Course and Discussion Group facilitated by Michele Maurer

Dates: Times and dates to be announced. Gordon NeufeldThis video-course has been developed by internationally renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a best-selling and award-winning author. His revolutionary yet scientific approach turns parenting right-side up, restoring natural intuition to parenting and putting parents back in the d.river`s seat. His book, Hold On To Your Kids is causing an international stir and is now available in eight languages. This video-course takes the best that science has to offer and renders it readily accessible to parents of children of all ages. Dr. Neufeld’s approach has won powerful endorsements from such luminaries as Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Mary Pipher, Raffi, Dr. Peter Levine and Robert Bly. For more information about Dr. Neufeld or his approach, visit his website.
Location: 21561 Old Yale Road, Langley (upstairs)
Fees: $200

Details: This course includes 8 Hours of video with Dr. Neufeld that participants view, one hour each week, online (when it suits your schedule). Course includes three-month access to the Neufeld Institute Virtual Campus, which is rich with supplemental learning resources. Each week, participants will meet in person with Michele for one hour of in-depth discussion of the week’s material, and opportunities for questions and answers. See more details.

This course is Part I of the Power to Parent series, and focuses on the child-adult relationship as the context for raising children. Parents and professionals learn how this relationship is meant to develop, what can go wrong, why parents must matter more than peers, how to cultivate a context of connection even when apart, how to win back one`s child if need be, and more. Parents and professionals are also introduced to discipline strategies that are attachment-safe and developmentally friendly.


Dr. Neufeld’s approach has the power to change, if not save, the lives of our children….                  – National Post 

Michele Maurer

Michele Maurer has been working professionally with parents and children for 25+ years. She is a counsellor working in private practice in Langley. Michele is a sought-after presenter, providing training to parents and professionals across the province since 2005. Michele has been engaged in studies with Dr. Neufeld and the Neufeld Institute, starting in 2001, and now is pleased to offer this introductory offer as she embarks on facilitating the first course in Dr. Neufeld’s Power to Parent series.

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