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Why offer a free counselling consultation in Langley?

Identifying which counsellor to work with, when so much is on the line, is an important decision. Unless counselling is a field you interact with in your work, the copious list of credentials and abbreviations identifying various counsellors can be quite confusing (well, frankly it’s even confusing for people who work in this field sometimes). Though a process has been underway for over 20 years to regulate and simplify this process for consumers in BC, counselling is still unregulated in British Columbia, meaning that consumers have the onus of figuring out whether the counsellor they are interacting with is adequately qualified (Yikes!). BC does regulate the health professions (Social Workers are a regulated health profession; Michele is a Registered Social Worker), and master’s level counsellors have the opportunity to register with reputable professional associations, making the consumer’s job a little easier. You can read more about Michele’s associations and credentials here.

Credentials are not the only important consideration: how about “fit”? This is why we offer a complimentary 15 minute counselling consultation in Langley. It’s a little easier to feel at ease when a trusted friend or professional recommended a counsellor. If an internet search is how you are choosing your counsellor, it’s only natural that you might want to meet, and get a sense if you “click”. Michele recognizes the importance of your decision-making process, and is happy to offer an opportunity to meet, by phone or in person, with no obligations and no cost. Of course, you are also welcome to set up your first appointment directly. We can get started right away – appointments are often able to be scheduled within a week.

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