Courses and Workshops

Michele facilitates Gordon Neufeld’s Courses and Workshops:

Gordon NeufeldIf you have a group who are interested in bringing Michele in for a talk or for a full course, Michele will travel to your location or teach in the workshop space at Resilience Couple and Family Therapy. Call or email to discuss your group’s needs. Michele will consider out of town travel if your group is outside the Langley area.

Michele will also work with individuals to facilitate a course 1:1 or as a couple, combined with personalized consulting about application of the course material tailored to your specific needs.

Heart Matters: The Science of Emotion

In this course, Dr. Neufeld outlines five basic steps to emotional health and development so adults can foster emotional well-being and get to the root of such problems as alarm, anxiety, agitation, aggression, impulsiveness, lack of empathy, bullying, and so on. This course is powerful in the insight it provides as well as the changes it inspires. To make sense of emotion is to make sense of us all. There is no better way to glean insight into oneself and others. Having a working knowledge of the science of emotion should be a prerequisite for anyone responsible for children or working with adults. While the focus of the course is on children and youth, the content is applicable to individuals of all ages. This course is highly recommended for all helping professionals, educators and parents.

Michele will offer this course for individuals or groups. Join my mail list & receive notice of courses.

The Power to Parent – 3 part series:

This course is the flagship course of the Neufeld Institute, offering parents and professionals the foundation of seeing children through the lens of development, with an attachment focus that goes well beyond traditional understanding about attachment in infancy. Available in countries around the globe, parents and professionals alike are singing the praises of Dr. Neufeld’s paradigm for making sense of children (of all ages). This approach combines the sage wisdom of relationship research and child development experts over several hundred years. Numerous leaders in the field have contributed pieces of the puzzle. Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s major contribution to the field has been to pull together, into an accessible, cohesive, and “distilled to the essence” understanding of how children reach their full human potential. The developmental attachment-based approach invites you to see how all the pieces fit together, nature AND nurture, and puts the combined wisdom into your hands, whether you are a parent, professional, or both. This paradigm not only makes sense of what’s happening with children, but reconnects parents and professionals with the intuitive knowledge of “what to do when”. This approach to seeing children puts parents and professionals at ease, back in the driver’s seat, supports children to reach their full developmental potential, and has the potential to repair a lot of what feels “broken” in adult-child relationships today.

Michele began studying Dr. Neufeld’s approach in 2001, and is currently wrapping up her third year of advanced studies with the Neufeld Institute. Michele is a certified facilitator for a range of courses and workshops with the Institute. Michele is part of the Parent Consulting training, and is happy to work individually with parents and professionals to help make sense of the children in their care. Michele is a seasoned instructor and facilitator. In addition to the core courses in the Power to Parent series, Michele offers Making Sense of Adolescence and Heart Matters (the science of emotion), Making Sense of Anxiety, Making Sense of Preschoolers, Parenting in a Digital Age and Making Sense of Play . Interested participants can register for courses directly through Michele. For more in-depth information about course outlines and video previews  and workshops, see the Neufeld Institute website. To enquire about other courses and workshops Michele will be offering in Langley, contact Michele or sign up to receive email notification about upcoming courses here.