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Parenting a Sensitive Child

What does it mean when I say “Is your child sensitive?” Our first thought, because of the way this word “sensitive” is often used, is that we’re referring to a sweet and thoughtful, empathetic and kind child, tuned into other

Power to Parent Course

The Vital Connection (Part 1 in 3-part Series) A Video Course and Discussion Group facilitated by Michele Maurer Dates: Times and dates to be announced. This video-course has been developed by internationally renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a best-selling

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Parenting Help for Young Children- Series Part 1

Parenting Help for Young Children The age between one and seven is one of rapid emotional and brain development accompanied by behavior that sometimes confuses, or dare I say, frustrates those of us who care for them. “They are impulsive,

Parenting Course – Sign Up Today

Making Sense of Preschoolers – Parenting Course Thank You for your interest Registration for this course is now closed November 1st -December 13th, 2014 Alternate Saturdays, 10 am to Noon  SIGN UP TO BE NOTIFIED OF FUTURE CLASSES Hi –