Year: 2014

Anxiety in Children

Check out this video – Dr. Gordon Neufeld provides answers to anxiety in children and youth. As the holidays approach, many children start to experience escalating anxiety. The school year is well under way, report cards are soon to be

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Evidence Supports Couple and Family Therapy

More than twenty years of research has led to an extensive body of evidence about the significant advantage of treating problems by working with relationships. This is the basis for the field of Couple and Family Therapy, and the learning

Parenting Help for Young Children- Series Part 1

Parenting Help for Young Children The age between one and seven is one of rapid emotional and brain development accompanied by behavior that sometimes confuses, or dare I say, frustrates those of us who care for them. “They are impulsive,

Parenting Course – Sign Up Today

Making Sense of Preschoolers – Parenting Course Thank You for your interest Registration for this course is now closed November 1st -December 13th, 2014 Alternate Saturdays, 10 am to Noon  SIGN UP TO BE NOTIFIED OF FUTURE CLASSES Hi –